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Cary Fabric Store Says “Reupholster Your Furniture Yourself”

So you have decided that it doesn’t make sense to replace a perfectly fine couch with a new one just because the fabric looks old. Smart move! Reupholstering can save you a lot of precious dollars. We have even more good news for you –


Decorating Your Kid’s Room

One of the most important things for all parents to remember is that this is your kid’s room. So, involve them in your decision making process too. Ask them what they envision their room to be, what colors they want. The room should be like


Choosing An Eco Friendly Fabric with Cary Fabric Store Advice

Going green is a big phenomenon in today’s world. Everything from cars, computers, houses, and now even fabrics have gone green. If you worry about the carbon footprint you are going to leave behind, and are looking for a “green” fabric, you have come to


Cary Fabric Store Says Fabrics For Every Season

The beauty of fabrics is that you can have different fabrics for different seasons. Fabric Trends Magazine talks about the type of fabrics that should be bought for the summer. They say that summer decorating is all about bright and light colors, and your


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